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Apollo Quartet 3 published


Apollo Quartet 3: Then Will The Great Ocean Wash Deep Above is now available from Amazon. It’s been available as an ebook for several days – on Kindle (UK | US), Kobo, and as both epub and mobi from the Whippleshield Books website.

Since MPG Biddles went into administration back in June, I’ve had to find a different printer for Whippleshield’s books, and I decided to try Amazon’s CreateSpace for the paperback edition of Then Will The Great Ocean Wash Deep Above. Which means a book of the Apollo Quartet is now available in paperback in the US for the first time. You can buy it here (UK | US).

The limited hardback edition will be delayed a week or two as I’m using a different printer, but it’s available for pre-order here.

I’ve also decided to move forward the fourth book of the Apollo Quartet, All That Outer Space Allows, and will try to get it out for the first half of 2014. Perhaps even in time for the Eastercon in Glasgow. I’ve always had a clear vision of the story – unlike books 2 and 3 when I started them – so it shouldn’t be that difficult. But we shall see what the new year brings…

In the meantime, there’s always Then Will The Great Ocean Wash Deep Above to read, in either ebook or paperback…

ETA: Those of you have already pre-ordered the limited hardback edition, or are thinking of doing so, I’m happy to provide an ebook version – in pdf, epub or mobi – free of charge immediately to ease the wait…

4 thoughts on “Apollo Quartet 3 published

  1. Congratulations on this latest book, I know it’ll be smashing.

    You’ve got a fantastic future ahead, Mr. Sales. Keep it up…

  2. Do you plan to offer a bundle and/or special complete edition of all four novellas when the last one has been published, or would I always have to order them separately?

    P.S. Congratulations on publishing the book! Must be a great feeling to finally hold it in your hands 🙂 I hope it’ll be successful. And good luck with writing the next part!

    • Good question. I’ll probably do a 4-book deal. I don’t know if I’ll bother with an omnibus edition… although other publishers are free to make offers to publish one 🙂

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