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Jupiter Rising

Issue 33: Euanthe of Jupiter has now been published. If you have a Kindle, you can buy it right this very second from here. If you’d prefer hard copy, then buy it from here. And the reason you should buy a copy? Because it contains my death metal science fiction story, ‘Words Beyond the Veil’.

Alastair Reynolds claims his ‘At Budokan’, published in Jetse de Vries’ Shine anthology, is the first ever death metal science fiction story. But does it quote the lyrics from a real death metal album, eh? Mine does – in fact, it quotes extensively from Worlds Beyond the Veil by Mithras. So I think that makes mine the first true death metal science fiction story.

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That sound you hear is my ears ringing

It’s been a musical week for me. On Tuesday 20 October, I saw Tinariwen in concert. They’re a Tuareg band from Mali. I’ve liked their music since seeing a documentary on the Festival in the Desert seven or eight years ago. They proved much better live than I expected. I bought their new album, Imidiwan: Companions, at the gig, and it’s better than the previous one. Here’s some Tinariwen:

And then I spent Saturday 24 October in Leeds at the Damnation Festival. I’d thought about going to this the last couple of years, but the line-up never appealed. This year, it definitely did. I got to see three bands I like a great deal – Mithras, Anathema and Akercocke. Mithras played with their new line-up, with Sam Bean, ex-The Berzerker, replacing Rayner Coss on bass and vocals. Anathema performed a somewhat over-the-top “best of” set, but it was bloody good. Akercocke weren’t wearing suits. Also there were Rotting Christ, whose last album Theogonia is good. The headline act was Life of Agony, but I wasn’t too impressed. But still, a good festival – much better than I’d expected.