It Doesn't Have To Be Right…

… it just has to sound plausible

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I’ve not blogged about sculpture before. Mostly because it’s not something I think about a great deal. If at all. And while I have enjoyed scultpures, and sculpture gardens, in the past, it’s not a subject I can discourse knowledgeably on (not that lack of knowledge has ever stopped me before…).


I saw photos of the sculptures below on the excellent Dark Roasted Blend blog, and was immediately taken with them. The photos are part of a series, “Spomenik: The End of History”, by Belgian photograper Jan Kempenaers. See them all here.

The sculptures are monuments in the former Yugoslavia. They’re very science-fictional. They remind me of the DEFA films Der Schweigende Stern, Im Staub der Sterne and Eolomea. They embody a peculiarly Communist monumental aesthetic. And we’ll never see its like again. Which is a shame.