It Doesn't Have To Be Right…

… it just has to sound plausible


– ‘Geologic’ in Interzone #262, January 2016
– ‘Red Desert’ was supposed to appear in Space: Houston, We Have A Problem in 2016, but that was delayed so it first appeared in Dreams of the Space Age (Whippleshield Books) March 2016
– ‘Our Glorious Socialist Future Among the Stars!’ in Dreams of the Space Age (Whippleshield Books) March 2016
Coda: A Visit to the National Air and Space Museum (Whippleshield Books) November 2016

Rocket Science (Mutation Press) April 2012
Aphrodite Terra (Whippleshield Books) November 2015

Apollo Quartet
1: Adrift on the Sea of Rains (Whippleshield Books) April 2012
2: The Eye With Which The Universe Beholds Itself (Whippleshield Books) January 2013
3: Then Will The Great Ocean Wash Deep Above (Whippleshield Books) November 2013
4: All That Outer Space Allows (Whippleshield Books) April 2015

An Age of Discord
1: A Prospect of War (Tickety Boo Press) July 2015 (also on Kindle: UK | US)
– 2: A Conflict of Orders (Tickety Boo Press) October 2015 (also on Kindle: UK | US)
– 3: A Want of Reason (Tickety Boo Press) 2016

Dreams of the Space Age (Whippleshield Books) March 2016

Wunderwaffe (originally appeared in Vivisepulture, Anarchy Books, Dec 2011) July 2012

short stories
– ‘Thicker Than Water‘ in Jupiter 23: Kalyke, January 2009 (PDF) – anatomy of a story
– ‘The Amber Room‘ in Pantechnicon 9, March 2009 (PDF) – anatomy of a story
– ‘Black Rain’ in Set It In Space And Stick A Robot In It, May 2009
– ‘Killing the Dead‘ in Postscripts #20/21 ‘Edison’s Frankenstein’, December 2009 (PDF) – anatomy of a story
– ‘A Cold Dish’ in Jupiter 28: Autonoe, April 2010 – anatomy of a story
– ‘Through the Eye of a Needle‘ in M-Brane SF #19, August 2010 – anatomy of a story
– ‘In The Face of Disaster’ in Catastrophia edited by Allen Ashley, September 2010
– ‘Human Resources’ in M-Brane SF #21, October 2010
– ‘Travelling by Air’ in Alt Hist #1, October 2010
– ‘Barker’ in BFS Journal: New Horizons, January 2011
– ‘Disambiguation‘ on Alt Hist website, May 2011
– ‘The Contributors‘ on It Doesn’t Have To Be Right…, July 2011
– ‘Words Beyond the Veil’ in Jupiter 33: Euanthe, July 2011
– ‘A Light in the Darkness’ in Alt Hist #3, November 2011
– ‘Dancing the Skies’ in The Monster Books for Girls edited by Terry Grimwood, December 2011
– ‘Wunderwaffe’ in Vivisepulture edited by Andy Remic, December 2011
– ‘The Way the World Works’ in Where Are We Going? edited by Allen Ashley, March 2012
– ‘Faith’ in The Maginot Line, The Fiction Desk, edited by Rob Redman, April 2012
– ‘The Incurable Irony of the Man Who Rode the Rocket Sled‘ in The Orphan, July 2013
– ‘The Last Men in the Moon’ in Because of What Happened, The Fiction Desk, edited by Rob Redman, September 2013
– ‘Waters of Lethe‘ in Perihelion SF, June 2014
– ‘The Spaceman and the Moon Girl’ in Litro Magazine #137, September 2014
– ‘Far Voyager’ in Postscripts #32/33 Far Voyager, November 2014
– ‘Waters of Lethe’ in The New Accelerator #3, February 2015
– ‘A la deriva en el mar de las Lluvias’ in A la deriva en el mar de las Lluvias y otros relatos, edited by Mariano Villarreal, September 2015
– ‘Geologic’ in Interzone #262, January 2016
– ‘Red Desert’ in Space – Houston, We Have A Problem, 2016

flash fiction
‘The Old Man of the Sea of Dreams’ on A Space About Books About Space, October 2009
‘A History of the Twentieth Century, with Illustrations: Atonement’ in The Future Fire, February 2012

poetry (also see sferse)
– ‘Jupiter Quartet’ in Jupiter 30: Hermippe, October 2010
– ‘Rainbow Mars’ in Jupiter 38: Pasithee, October 2012

See also my bibliography on the Internet Science Fiction Database.

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  3. I’ve been trying to track down some space exploration stories that I read some time before 1968 (!) that I am fairly sure were by a British author. I discovered that John Wyndham [Parkes Lucas Beynon Harris] wrote several before WWII and I recently came across copies of some;one of the better known is “Stowaway to Mars”.
    Wyndham seems to have changed his style radically after WWII – to great effect in my opinion – but I wonder if anyone has tracked down any more of his earlier stuff. He seems to have used quite a few pen-names, often permutations of his own (lengthy) name.

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