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Living in a jetpunk world

A couple of years ago, I posted a piece here about the photographs of Jan Kempenaers, who has taken a series of photographs of modernist monuments in the former Yugoslavia. The series is now available as a coffee-table book, Jan Kempenaers: Spomenik, and I’ve ordered myself a copy. (You can count the number of art books in my book collection on the fingers of one hand… and they’re chiefly by the likes of Chris Foss and Jim Burns…)

I came across Kempanaers’ work via the ever-excellent Dark Roasted Blend… and from there today I discovered the strangely-compelling jetpunk architecture of Swiss artist Guy Dessauges. The photos on DRB are from a blog by Andreas Angelikadis, but there are other places where pictures of Dessauges’ proposed “tube housing” from the 1960s can be found. Dessauges is also a sculptor and painter.