It Doesn't Have To Be Right…

… it just has to sound plausible


This is where other people tell you how good my writing is.

Adrift on the Sea of Rains

“combines considerable talent with a vivid imagination and serious research” The British Fantasy Society

“More of the same will do just fine, thank you” Global Junkie

“Excellent use of space science … well written … [its] meticulous detail shows a deep appreciation for the Apollo program” SF Signal

“I am not normally that much of an admirer of hard sf but Sales combines the interest in total accuracy and adherence to scientific likelihood with the more human angle in a way I found very satisfactory.” Paper Knife

“Sales writes very well, and has an impressive knack of creating atmosphere through imagery” Alt Hist

“Go out and buy this thing; I suspect this is an important work.” The Automatic Cat

“In a word: fascinating.” Glen Mehn

“this story stands comparison with any of those nominated for the recent BSFA Awards” Jack Deighton

“What sets this work apart is not the ‘what’ of space ventures, but the ‘why’” Michael J Martineck

“its willingness to risk the entire narrative on an ending which implicates the foundational principles of hard sf itself” Science Fiction 365

“the really good shit” Dylan Fox

“captures the desolations and isolation that life on such a base must engender” Tony’s Thoughts

“a wonderful little novella” Solar Bridge

“Sales has written a strong story” To the Last Word

“I think Adrift on the Sea of Rains is a contender for next year’s novella awards” The Singularity Sucks

“This is probably the best piece of science fiction I’ve read so far this year” Lavie Tidhar

“a more than worthy addition to the genre and a fantastic opening for Whippleshield Books”

Rocket Science

“Rocket Science is a mighty fine collection and worth seeking out.” Interzone

“I was immediately at home here, comfortable and in many cases utterly riveted” The Future Fire Reviews

“Overall, the quality of the writing is consistently high” Geek Chocolate

“Superb” Guardian

“I wasn’t entirely sure I’d enjoy Rocket Science, but I found I had nothing to fear” Jaine Fenn

“This is a very solid collection of short fiction that does just what it says on the tin.” Adam Roberts

“it’s without a doubt one of the best anthologies of 2012” Rising Shadow

“Ian Sales is therefore to be praised for the much-more-difficult-than-you’d-think task of gathering together such an excellent range of stories.” The Zone SF

“What I find in many of them are refreshing twists and departures from the predictable and formulaic outcomes US authors so often deliver.” Locus Online


“exceptional” Pornokitsch

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