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The future we used to have, part 21

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These posts have always been about the Cold War, but this time it’s a little more explicit – possibly inspired by a couple of programmes which aired recently on the BBC.

early warning


Tupolev Tu-126 ‘Moss’ Airborne Early Warning

Lockheed EC-121D

Lockheed EC-121 Warning Star Airborne Early Warning


Avro Shacketon AEW.2


DYE-3, one of the US Distant Early Warning line stations in Greenland


A Texas Tower, a US offshore radar facility


HMS Agincourt, a Battle class destroyer after conversion to a radar picket


USS Spinax, a submarine converted to a radar picket

first strike


A Pershing missile tactical erector and launcher


A Soviet SA-4 Ganef surface-to-air missile system

French Pluton missiles on their transport-erector-launcher platforms

French Pluton missiles on their transport-erector-launcher platforms


Soviet S-300V, carrying SA-12 Gladiator/Giant air defence missiles


Titan missile base under construction


Titan ICBM



A fallout shelter

Nuclear Perceptions

A family-sized economy fallout shelter


A personal bomb shelter


Everything you ever needed to know about fallout shelters

One thought on “The future we used to have, part 21

  1. Fantastic shots of the bomb shelters with everyone looking so happy. And the Texas Tower: I’ve noticed this bowled arrangement of chequered balls on living room table-tops in style magazines. Is this fashion or a clever spy trick?

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