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A portrait of the author as a young man


For those who don’t believe in fate or whatever, here’s proof that from an early age I was destined to write hard science fiction about astronauts:


Taken in the early 1970s in Doha, Qatar. I will have been about four or five. The “spacesuit” was a Christmas present, I seem to remember. I suspect I would not have lasted long if I’d actually worn it in space.

9 thoughts on “A portrait of the author as a young man

  1. Huh, some of us had to make do with a cardboard box with a hole cut out of the front. I suspect that wouldn’t have worked well if we’d actually worn it in space either though, which shows that the same results can always be achieved at a lower cost.

  2. This explains a lot, mate!

  3. I would’ve KILLED for that suit.

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