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Look! A Book Haul!


I’ve not done one of these since, well, since the last one. And I’ve received a number of interesting books since then, books worth showing off. And here they are:

At the back to the right are a couple of NASA publications: Skylab, Our First Space Station, about, er, Skylab; and Where No Man Has Gone Before, a history of the “Apollo Lunar Exploration Missions”. They’re for the Space Books collection. To the right are three graphic novels. Two are by Warren Ellis (artwork by Gianluca Pagliarani and Facundo Percio, respectively) – Ignition City Volume 1 and Anna Mercury Volume 1: The Cutter. The third graphic novel is the final part of The Chimpanzee Complex trilogy, Civilisation, and I’ve yet to decide if the story works. I think I need to reread all three, one after the other. I shall probably do that and then write something about it.

In front of these are the six books of Brian Stableford’s 1970s Hooded Swan sextet. For reasons best known to some over-worked, under-paid and under-appreciated editor of the time, the first two books – Halcyon Drift and Rhapsody in Black – are subtitled “Adventures of STAR-PILOT GRAINGER”; while the remaining four books – Promised Land, The Paradise Game, The Fenris Device and Swan Song – are all subtitled “The ___ HOODED SWAN Adventure”. To be honest, showing all six books is a bit of a cheat as I only bought three of them recently. The other three I’ve had for a while. Finally, hiding to the left of Halcyon Drift is The Inward Animal, a collection of poetry by Terence Tiller from 1943. I like Tiller’s poetry, and now have several of his collections.

At the front are four first edition hardbacks. To the right are a pair of newly-published books: The Restoration Game by Ken MacLeod; and the final book of Gary Gibson’s Giant Space Fish trilogy, Empire of Light. To the left, we have a signed edition of Carve the Sky, Alexander Jablokov’s debut novel; and a sf collection by Terry Dowling, Wormwood, which is also signed. I didn’t think Dowling’s story in the Eclipse 2 anthology, ‘Truth Window: A Tale of the Bedlam Rose’, worked especially well, but I was intrigued enough by the universe in which it was set to hunt down this collection of stories also set in that universe. It was not an easy book to find. But I have a copy now, muahaha.

2 thoughts on “Look! A Book Haul!

  1. Great haul. Haven’t ready any of those. Ah, so many books, so little time …

  2. Now Ian, as you well know, those aren’t space fish. They are GIGANTIC GUPPIES OF FLAMING DOOM and the last words you will ever hear before they drown you in that briny stuff they use in cans of tuna will be I AM NOT YOUR CALAMARI.

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