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August updatification

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First the good news: M-Brane #19 is now available here, containing my story ‘Through the Eye of a Needle’. I wrote it as a socialist story, although I’m told some readers, especially American, might interpret it as anti-socialist. You could always see for yourself…

This month’s VideoVista is also up, containing my reviews of Gentlemen Broncos (see here), by the director of Napoleon Dynamite. It’s a comedy about science fiction, and I thought it was bloody awful. And there’s my review of Homecoming (see here), a polished if predictable psycho ex-girlfriend film, starring Mischa Barton.

The bad news is that, annoyingly, I’ve not managed to get started on my summer reading project – see here. So I’ll begin the first quintet this month. It’ll be the Bold as Love Cycle first, I think.

I also have plenty of writing to get done, too. A handful of stories that have been mashing in the bottom drawer, and need a second draft. A couple more that need the first draft finishing. Then there’s the “newer” space opera novel project, which needs the first three chapters completing. And speaking of space opera, I did sort of promise myself that I’d try and write a proper space opera story this month, so let’s hope inspiration strikes there.

I have a couple of books lined up for reviews, which I need to get done. The first one, Veteran by Gavin G Smith, should go up on SFF Chronicles some time this week. I also need to get something up on my Space Books blog, as I thought I spotted a small tumbleweed over there a day or two ago…

Ah well. Looks like it’s going to be a busy month.


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