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More Durrelliana


I haven’t added to my Durrell collection since I posted photos of it on this blog at the request of Jeff Vandermeer back in April of last year. But I did miss out a couple of items, so I thought I’d show them off.

First up, Down the Styx, published by Capricorn Press. The story is framed as a letter from Durrell to his Aunt Prudence, and describes the journey on which she will be taken by Charon… and which turns increasingly anatomical. It’s beautifully produced, as can be seen from the photos.

Here are three poetry collections…

… And a pair of plays.

Two poetry chapbooks – On the Suchness of the Old Boy and Nothing is Lost, Sweet Self. On the Suchness of the Old Boy was illustrated by Durrell’s daughter, Sappho, and she and her father have both signed the chapbook. Nothing is Lost, Sweet Self is actually a poem set to music by Wallace Southam. As you can see it’s signed by both Durrell and Southam.

Durrell’s first two novels, finally republished after 73 years by ELS Editions of the University of Victoria, Canada. I’ll be writing about Pied Piper of Lovers here soon.

I also have quite a few first editions by Anthony Burgess, and I might stick photos of them up here. And there’s my Nicholas Monsarrat collection too. Neither are as extensive, or contain as many rare items, as my Durrell collection, however.


6 thoughts on “More Durrelliana

  1. My comment?Holy fuck, Ian, those are beautiful editions and you’re right to show them off. Good on you for revering an author to the extent that you create a literary shrine. I’m not a fan of Durrell’s, you know that, but I can see how others would be drawn to his work. You have a stunning collection and good on you.

  2. Well, I wouldn’t call it a “shrine”…

  3. Now this is high class book porn. Very nice.I’ve some Burgess first editions myself, though none in particularly good condition (plus lots of C19th 1st eds, of diverse quality), but I envy you your Durrells.

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