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7 thoughts on “Lawrence Durrell and My Bookshelves

  1. I do not see among your books the Durrell-Miller Letters published by Faber, nor do I see Alexandria: City of Memory, by Michael Haag, published by Yale University Press, which is the definitive account of Lawrence Durrell in Alexandria and how he came to write The Alexandria Quartet.

  2. No, it’s not complete by any means. I do have Prospero’s Cell, Reflections on a Marine Venus and White Eagles Over Serbia in paperback, but there are several books I’m missing.

  3. That’s a great collection! Puts mine to shame… Anonymous is right about the Durrell-Miller letters; if you don’t have them yet, it’s a superb volume.

  4. I actually have Lawrence Durrell and Henry Miller, which is I assume the one you mean. I’ve also bought Michael Haag’s Alexandria: City of Memory since posting my Durrell collection on my blog.

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