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The future we used to have, part 11

There is apparently some neoliberal sporting festival about to take place in London in a couple of weeks – featuring events such as ethnic profiling, merchant scheme monopoly, remove the non-sponsor logo, the all-day traffic jam, spot the celeb in the VIP lane, and other such twenty-first century pursuits in Tory Britain. But since that is all a) boring, b) unethical, c) dull, and d) offensive, how about looking at some photos of cool retro-futuristic (sort of) things instead?


Buick Century Cruiser, 1969

Oldsmobile Golden Rocket concept car, 1956

Ford Seattle-ite, 1962

Pininfarina X, 1960


SRN3 hovercraft

DSV-2 Alvin

DSV-4 Sea Cliff


Supermarine Type 508

Republic XF-103

BAC Lightning (and Tupolev Tu-95 ‘Bear’)


from Fahrenheit 451 (great film, rubbish book)

from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century