It Doesn't Have To Be Right…

… it just has to sound plausible

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DVD reviews

September’s VideoVista is now up containing my reviews of the excellent Spanish psychological thriller Hierro (review here), the very good 1956 Fritz Lang journalistic noir-ish thriller While the City Sleeps (review here), and the not so good low-budget Brit supernatural thriller The 7th Dimension (review here).

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August updatification

First the good news: M-Brane #19 is now available here, containing my story ‘Through the Eye of a Needle’. I wrote it as a socialist story, although I’m told some readers, especially American, might interpret it as anti-socialist. You could always see for yourself…

This month’s VideoVista is also up, containing my reviews of Gentlemen Broncos (see here), by the director of Napoleon Dynamite. It’s a comedy about science fiction, and I thought it was bloody awful. And there’s my review of Homecoming (see here), a polished if predictable psycho ex-girlfriend film, starring Mischa Barton.

The bad news is that, annoyingly, I’ve not managed to get started on my summer reading project – see here. So I’ll begin the first quintet this month. It’ll be the Bold as Love Cycle first, I think.

I also have plenty of writing to get done, too. A handful of stories that have been mashing in the bottom drawer, and need a second draft. A couple more that need the first draft finishing. Then there’s the “newer” space opera novel project, which needs the first three chapters completing. And speaking of space opera, I did sort of promise myself that I’d try and write a proper space opera story this month, so let’s hope inspiration strikes there.

I have a couple of books lined up for reviews, which I need to get done. The first one, Veteran by Gavin G Smith, should go up on SFF Chronicles some time this week. I also need to get something up on my Space Books blog, as I thought I spotted a small tumbleweed over there a day or two ago…

Ah well. Looks like it’s going to be a busy month.

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DVD review online

My review of The Informers, an adaptation of the novel by Bret East Ellis, is now up at VideoVista – see here.

Having seen Less Than Zero, American Psycho, Rules Of Attraction and now The Informers (we won’t count American Psycho 2), I’ve yet to be convinced Ellis’ novels are capable of good film adaptation. All of them have been unsatisfactory in one way or another. Perhaps it’s his characters – they work over the length of a novel, where you at least have the prose; but in a movie they’re simply too unlikeable or affectless to carry a story in such a short period of time.