It Doesn't Have To Be Right…

… it just has to sound plausible

It’s quite simple…

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It really is very simple, you know…

  • Black lives matter
  • Trans women are women (and trans men are men and trans nonbinary are nonbinary and so on)
  • Gammons are the real snowflakes
  • History will survive quite well without statues

I shouldn’t need to document my politics as I mention it in pretty much every film and book review I’ve written on this blog.

I may not be an especially useful ally as I haven’t been on any demonstrations or contributed to any campaigns, and these days my “activism” seems to mostly comprise arguing with ignorant gammons on Facebook and Twitter and then getting blocked by them. But since I was a teenager I’ve sought out books and films which offer a perspective different to that of my own lived experience. And I’d encourage others to do the same. Your education in these matters is on you.

Look shit up before you start getting offended. It’s the twenty-first century, you have the interwebs, you have no excuse for not doing so. Just watch out for those bots and trolls and British newspapers…

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