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Epic space opera, book two…


The second book of An Age of Discord, my space opera trilogy is now available as an ebook. It’s titled A Conflict of Orders, and follows directly on from A Prospect of War. It can be purchased from Amazon UK and Amazon US (and all the other Amazons too, of course), or the signed limited hardback can be pre-ordered here from Tickety Boo Press’s website. The hardback will be published on 30 October, but you get to download a free book edition in a file format of your choice while you’re waiting for it to appear.

The blurb for A Conflict of Orders goes like this:

Casimir Ormuz and the Admiral, at the head of the biggest fleet the Empire has seen since its founding, are on their way to Geneza to meet the forces of the Serpent.

On Shuto, capital world of the Empire, the Serpent has begun his siege of the Imperial Palace.

Ormuz and the Admiral must win their battle on Geneza, and then travel to Shuto to save the Emperor, to save the Empire. But winning the fight and lifting the siege are only the beginning. Still complicating matters is the millennia-long conspiracy which seems to be driving the Serpent’s rebellion.

So who is the real villain?

And when it all ends, who will be sitting on the Imperial Throne?


We went for a green theme for the cover of this book – each of the three will be distinguished by colour – and included a sword in the title to make clear that this space opera is not military sf, nor indeed your usual type of space opera.

The third book, A Want of Reason, is going to take a while longer to appear. Publication is scheduled for March 2016, but if I can get it all done and dusted early enough then it might be a little before then – but not by that much, I suspect. Hopefully it will be worth the wait.

7 thoughts on “Epic space opera, book two…

  1. Off course I will buy this one, I enjoyed a lot “A Prospect of War”.

    Thanks for writing!

  2. Great sequel, I got a little annoyed from some of the things your editor missed, like having the wrong persons name in a scene or using incorrect words for things like ‘chosed’ instead of ‘chosen’ etc. (They’re not too frequent, these mistakes, but I would say they’re perhaps one on every second page?).

    • I just checked my copy of the ms, and “chosed” does not appear once. I wonder if the copy editor did a search & replace for something else and that changed too. Which scene has the wrong person’s name in it?

    • In fact, I’ve just checked the mobi and I can’t find “chosed” anywhere in it.

      Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed the book 🙂

  3. Oh, perhaps it was choosed? It doesn’t really matter it’s no worse than most other published books. Also look is jumbled in one of the last chapters, it’s something like ‘olko’ or ‘lokoe’ or something lime that (I think it was look).

    Question though, what happened to Vara? I’ve re-read the book trying to see if I missed something but he seems to go missing for the rest of the book after a brief appearance while they’re en-route to the imperial capital. Is this a part of the plot that will be revealed later or..? I thought he was a pretty close friend/hanger-on of Casimir? I’m sure he’s not even shown in the last battle even though he loves his sword-fighting.

    Going to try and re-read from where I last saw him just to make sure I’m not being an idiot.

    • I found the “lokoed” – that’s a typo always seem to make. Haven’t found the others yet, though.

      Varä is there during the Battle of Geneza, but once Ormuz walks away he gets left behind. He’ll reappear in book 3, but perhaps not in the same guise…

      • Yeah I knew he was at Geneza, the last time he’s mentioned though from memory is just after it while they’re en-route to their next destination (trying not to spoil for potential readers that stumble upon this). Anyway, thanks for that! Not in the same guise!?!? Time for me to re-read and focus on Vara to try and puzzle this one out!

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