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Launch days


Well, April was an interesting month, last week was an interesting week. It’s not everyone who has two novels published within three days of each other, and sees the end of one series and the start of another. Two very different novels too – and not just in size, 45,000 words versus 190,000 words…

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 3.46.35 PMFirst, the final book of the Apollo Quartet, All That Outer Space Allows, was launched on 27 April – on Kindle and paperback only. The signed limited hardback edition will follow later this month. Some time over the next couple of days I’ll be putting up a page on the Whippleshield Books web site to pre-order copies – and yes, I’m happy to reserve specific numbers (but it has to be less than 75, of course), although people who have purchased specific numbers of the other books of the quartet will of course get first call. All That Outer Space Allows, which is a novel and not a novella, was a hard book to write – as indeed have been all four books of the Apollo Quartet. But I think they’re good work and they occupy a space in the genre I’d plan to explore further… even if I have to self-publish again.

apowThen, on 30 April, Tickety Boo Press soft-launched the first book of An Age of Discord, my big fat space opera trilogy, A Prospect of War. It’s ebook only at present. There’ll be a paperback and a signed limited hardback launched at Edge-Lit 4 in July. A Prospect of War couldn’t be a more different book to All That Outer Space Allows. It’s my attempt at a commercial science fiction subgenre. I kept the prose plain, and limited the complexity to the plot (which is, er, quite complex). There are no fancy literary tricks in A Prospect of War, I just rang a few changes on your standard space opera tropes. A Prospect of War will be followed in October by A Conflict of Orders, and in March 2016 by A Want of Reason. I also have plans for a couple of novellas set in the same universe, but we’ll see how things go…

Ebook copies of both books are available for review. Drop me a line if you’d like one. Or, er, both.

7 thoughts on “Launch days

  1. This is very good news. Now I need to get the paperback of the fourth book of the quartet. Then I can have the readathon I promised myself. How do I get it in Australia? Or do I ask a UK friend to get it and post it to me?

  2. liked the excerpt and bought an ebook of A Prospect of War from the publisher site – seems to be the only place which sells it now and while that’s ok with me as I like buying ebooks from small publishers directly, it may lose sales from people who do only Amazon

    the one thing I would mention is that the novel is not (yet) in the Goodreads catalog and while I can and probably will add it there if needed as I usually do with unlisted but published novels, it’s useful to have it listed as it gets into reading lists and people notice it

  3. outstanding novel – I rambled a little on Goodreads and sffworld about it – as of now it is my top sf of the year and I am really looking forward to book 2 in October

    • I saw the review. Thanks. It’s always good when a book strikes a chord in a reader. Incidentally, all the coats of arms mentioned in the book can be decoded. Some are also jokes – eg, the one that mentions a spotted creature is a reference to “a leopard can’t change its spots”.

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