It Doesn't Have To Be Right…

… it just has to sound plausible

Musical interlude


Noumena, an excellent Finnish melodic death metal band (yes, there is such a thing as melodic death metal; it’s a known subgenre), have just released their new album, Death Walks With Me, seven years after the preceding album. I have bought it and it is very good indeed. Noumena have also decided to promote the new album with a promo video. And here it is. Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Musical interlude

  1. Sounds like late 70’s Heart with a bloke growling over the top. With the woman singing they could almost be Heart! Seriously, I heard quite a bit of Death Metal on John Peel once upon a time and I never could understand the appeal of the ‘growling’. If it floats your boat, though, then great!

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