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Going into space


Well, the National Space Centre in Leicester. Which, for a fortnight in February, is putting on a “Space Fiction” special event. Between 9 February and 24 February, a number of authors will be giving talks at the National Space Centre. The full schedule is here.

I’ll be there on Sunday 17 February, with fellow John Jarrold Literary Agency clients Chris Beckett and Philip Palmer. Since Adrift on the Sea of Rains and The Eye With Which The Universe Beholds Itself are your actual bona fide proper hardcore space fiction, I’ll be talking about, and reading from, them. There’ll also be copies available to buy.

I guess I’d better start making notes on what I’m going to say…

3 thoughts on “Going into space

  1. And ‘Rocket Science’ is kinda relevant too.


  2. Sharing a bill with Aldiss, Hamilton & Reynolds?

    Not half bad. Another chance to show your stuff. Knock ’em dead, Monsieur Sales.

  3. Good show! Keep up the good work….

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