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The future we used to have – special 2


After the last jetpunk special post on military aircraft, here’s one on cars. Again, they’re presented in a Top Trumps-like format, so you could print the page off, cut them out, laminate them and play very short games of Trumps with them…

Lamborghini Marzal
Concept car (Italy)
year 1967
bhp 175
max speed 225 kph
number produced 1

Lancia Stratos Stradale
Sports car (Italy)
year 1972
bhp 190
max speed 232 kph
number produced 492

Jensen FF
Coupé – four-wheel drive (GB)
year 1966
bhp 330
max speed 223 kph
number produced 320

Ferrari 512 S Berlinetta Speciale
Concept car (Italy)
year 1969
bhp 542
max speed 278 kph
number produced 1

Lamborghini Countach LP400
Supercar (Italy)
year 1974
bhp 370
max speed 309 kph
number produced 2,042

Citroën SM
Coupé (France)
year 1970
bhp 188
max speed 217 kph
number produced 12,920

Aston Martin Lagonda Series 2
Saloon (GB)
year 1976
bhp 310
max speed 239 kph
number produced 458

Mercedes-Benz C111 IID
Concept car (Germany)
year 1976
bhp 188
max speed 290 kph
number produced 1

BMW Turbo E25
Concept car (Germany)
year 1972
bhp 276
max speed 250 kph
number produced 2

Alfa Romeo Stradale P33 Sport Roadster
Concept car (Italy)
year 1968
bhp 230
max speed 260 kph
number produced 1


8 thoughts on “The future we used to have – special 2

  1. It’s a shame, isn’t it, that the most iconic machines of an age tend to be inefficient and polluting toys affordable only by the hyper-rich?

    • To be fair, not all of the cars are supercars or luxury cars. And the concept cars were more done to show off designs rather than to prototype cars intended for production.

      But then, the affordable cars were generally ugly – like the Austin Allegro. You paid for visual appeal just as much as you paid for bhp, top speed and leather seats.

  2. I’m sure half these cars were on ‘Captain Scarlet’ at some point?

  3. Do these count as ‘Fenderpunk’, or something else?

  4. Sven Väth featuring Miss Kittin and Citroën SM performing “Je t’aime… moi non plus”.

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