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Back in December last year, Anarchy Books published an ebook-only anthology, Vivisepulture. It contains twenty-two “weird tales of twisted imagination”, including one by me titled ‘Wunderwaffe’. When editor (and author) Andy Remic had asked me for a story for an anthology of “bizarro” fiction, I’d known straight away what I wanted to write about: Nazi flying saucers. I was aware of Iron Sky – I had in fact seen an advance trailer for it – but I’d been fascinated by the whole Nazi secret science mythology for a number of years. (This had led me to attempt reading WA Harbinson’s Projekt Saucer series, but I gave up after the second book as they really are quite appallingly written.)

In the event, the story I sent Andy Remic only mentioned Nazi flying saucers in passing and focused more on the Bell, a strange Nazi secret science device I was also using in Adrift on the Sea of Rains. A few reviews of Vivisepulture appeared online, one or two of which praised my story.

Recently, a twitter conversation prompted me to send Lavie Tidhar a PDF of ‘Wunderwaffe’ for him to read. But he is – and he freely admits it – somewhat dilatory at reading ebooks. So I cobbled together a little chapbook of the story, printed it off and sent to him.

And he’s gone and reviewed it – see here. (I can also recommend Lavie’s ‘A Lexicon of Steam Literature of the Third Reich’.)

I’ve produced twelve copies of the Wunderwaffe chapbook, so there are eleven remaining. I’m tempted to put them up on the Whippleshield Books website for sale. I’m also tempted to make chapbooks of one or two other stories I’ve written – perhaps ‘Dancing the Skies’ from The Monster Book for Girls; or ‘In the Face of Disaster’ from Catastrophia. A good idea? I quite like the concept of “cottage industry” short fiction chapbooks, though I recognise it’s by no means a new idea. I’m even considering doing something similar under the Whippleshield Books imprint for short stories which meet the guidelines.

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  1. Well, if you do decide to sell them, I’ll buy one.

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