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Where critics come from


From DH Lawrence’s ‘Pornography and Obscenity’, first published in 1929:

The only positive effect of masturbation is that it seems to release a certain mental energy, in some people. But it is mental energy which manifests itself always in the same way, in a vicious circle of analysis and impotent criticism, or else a vicious circle of false and easy sympathy, sentimentalities.

So, if you hate a book, you’re wanker. And if you like a book, you’re a wanker. Sounds about right to me…

4 thoughts on “Where critics come from

  1. What happens if you’re uncertain what to think of a book?

  2. But at least if you liked the book, then you’re a happy w****er! 😉


  3. Most of your parameters line up for me to some extent; wonder is where it’s at.
    But how much is a ‘mention’ of big times and spaces? If someone is in a tiny room talking about the universe at large, then does that count? Case in point: J G Ballard’s The Voices of Time, one of my all-time favourites, takes place in a claustrophobic dystopian world, but with mentions of great gulfs of time. Even more so, Russell Hoban’s magnificent Riddley Walker is acted out in a tiny area, with characters who seem to have no grasp of history at all.

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