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I am literary


My contributor copies of The Maginot Line, the third anthology from The Fiction Desk edited by Rob Redman, have just arrived. It is not a genre anthology, and marks my first appearance in a non-genre venue.

The Maginot Line contains nine stories, one of which is by me: ‘Faith’. I’m not entirely sure how to describe ‘Faith’. It’s about the US and Soviet space programmes. Sort of. It’s about astronauts. Sort of. And it’s about nineteen turns.

The other eight stories look very good indeed, and I’m looking forward to reading them. For the record, the contents are:

  • Matt Plass, ‘The Maginot Line’
  • Mandy Taggart, ‘The Man of the House’
  • Justin D Anderson, ‘Automatic Pilot’
  • Benjamin Johncock, ‘The Rocket Man’
  • Andrew Jury, ‘Exocet’
  • Shari Aarlton, ‘The Pest’
  • Claire Blechman, ‘Trevor Gets Shot’
  • Harvey Marcus, ‘Blind’
  • Ian Sales, ‘Faith’

Now go buy a copy.

4 thoughts on “I am literary

  1. Congratulations Ian! Great to see another writer with a foot in both camps.

  2. Well, from your brief description during Alt.Fiction that sounds about right, but I’ll have to grab a copy to see if my label matches yours. It does sound, to grab a word from Colum, very ‘curious’ indeed.

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