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Announcement number one


Some of you will already be aware of this, but many perhaps won’t. These days, everyone seems to be doing it, though they might call it different things. I mean self-publishing, or so-called “indie” publishing. There are many reasons why an author might choose to publish one of their books themselves. Hoping to sell a million copies of it obviously isn’t one of them. For my part, I didn’t think the “infamous moon base novella” (see numerous mentions on this blog previously) would be accepted by a magazine or small press editor in the form I wanted it to appear. So I decided to publish it myself…

But more than that, I chose to set up an imprint specifically for the type of fiction I think my novella epitomises, and which I felt was not being published elsewhere. And so…

This April, Whippleshield Books will launch its first book, Adrift on the Sea of Rains by Ian Sales. This 20,000-word novella tells the story of an attempt to return home by a group of military astronauts stranded at a base on the Moon. Described by Adam Roberts, author of By Light Alone, as “written with an expert blend of technical precision, descriptive vividness and emotional penetration”, and by Kim Lakin-Smith, author of Cyber Circus, as “as poignant as it is impeccably researched”, Adrift on the Sea of Rains is the first in a thematic quartet. The remaining three installments will also be published by Whippleshield Books.

Whippleshield Books was founded by Ian Sales in order to focus on a type of science fiction which no one else seems to be publishing – ie, stories of high literary quality with extremely strong scientific and technological content. Whippleshield Books plans to publish some two to three titles a year, as signed limited hardbacks, trade paperbacks and ebooks. Submissions will open in May 2012, but bear in mind the acceptance criteria are extremely high.

Review copies of Adrift on the Sea of Rains as PDF, MOBI or EPUB available on request.

I hope to have a website ready some time in late April / early May where people can buy the book, though copies of the ebook will also be available from other sites. The second book of the Apollo Quartet, Wave Fronts, should be out before the end of the year; and perhaps there’ll be something else available if someone submits something I want to publish.

16 thoughts on “Announcement number one

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  2. Hi Ian,

    When will the print editions be available for your book? I’ve seen another good review elsewhere and I’m thinking I want to read it.

    • There will be copies of the book available at Eastercon and alt.fiction. A website to purchase the books online should go live a week or two after that (though I will accept orders before that happens).

      Where did you see the other review? On Gary Gibson’s blog?

      • Yeah it was on Gary’ (which I am sure you’ve already seen!).

        I don’t have a kindle (or a particular interest in getting one) so I’d be looking for a nice book to go on my bookshelf. I’ll keep an eye out for when you’re ready to take orders!

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  5. Strong idea. Very strong. The niche is solid and easily explained. Here’s to hoping you get the press you deserve.

  6. I’d be glad to accept a review epub copy of Adrift on the Sea of Rains for

  7. Is there somewhere I can sign up to a mailing list for this? Sounds really interesting but would be good to get a reminder when it is available.

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