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The future we used to have, part 3

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Being the next in an ongoing and irregular series of posts featuring cool pictures from around and about the tinterweb of cool modernist and futurist vehicles, buildings, and suchlike. Some are real, some never got off the drawingboard.


Convair Sea Dart

Avro 730 model kit

Vickers Type 559 interceptor


Soviet LK lunar lander

Proposed Mars mission

cars and trucks

General Motors Futureliner

Chrysler 1961 concept car

Buick 1956 concept car


credit: Julius Shulman

Credit: Julius Shulman

Le Corbusier Museum, Chandrighar, India


From World Fair 1939

From GM Futurama 1964

Underwater habitat from GM Futurama 1964


One thought on “The future we used to have, part 3

  1. I’ve long been a fan of these kind of designs when it came to envisioning how our future would look. In some ways they captured the magic and hopefulness, from a science fictional perspective, that people had when they looked ahead. Wish some of these things had come to fruition, most especially that cool underwater habitat.

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