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A veritable bargain… or two


Old stories never die, they either sit and moulder in old magazines, or they get republished again and again. But not anymore. Thanks to the magic of modern technology, they can live again. Just reformat that Standard Manuscript Format, slap on some cover-art, and publish it for the Kindle.

Which is precisely what I’ve done for two of my stories. These are the Euripidean Space ones – ‘Thicker Than Water’ and ‘A Cold Dish’ – and were originally published in Jupiter magazine. They’ve been described as “fun, pure sf”, are set on the moons of Saturn, and are hard science fiction based upon / inspired by Ancient Greek mythology sort of. They’re available on both and, for much cheapness.

Go on, Kindle-folk, you know you want them…

Available on Amazon UK here and Amazon US here.

Available on Amazon UK here and Amazon US here.

(Apologies for the cover-art: I’m better at the words than I am the pictures.)


2 thoughts on “A veritable bargain… or two

  1. Cover’s not bad, at least in the mini-size see on Amazon sense, anyway.

    You can even combine in in a $1.50 deal or something too, and go against the Amazon herd. 🙂

    Then you’ll have 3!

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