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A science fiction story – with flying boats!


A week or so ago I set myself a challenge: to write a science fiction story in which a flying boat featured prominently. I was hoping to come up with some heartland sf story, something with spaceships and aliens and such. And flying boats, of course. But I couldn’t think of a plot in which a flying boat, especially a historical one, might plausibly appear in the distant future or on another planet.

I could have just invented some futuristic flying boat, but I was determined it’d be a known type – and I had in mind one of those flying boats from the 1930s which carried passengers to Australia or across the Atlantic. So I dreamt up and considered a number of ideas, and promptly discarded them… and then realised there was only one way I could justifiably have a Short Empire flying boat, for example, in a sf story. But I didn’t really want to write alternate history. I wanted something more sfnal than that.

And I think I’ve sort of done it.

It’s a somewhat experimental story – in both structure and the fact that the plot is only implied. I shouldn’t think it’s the first story, science fiction or mainstream, to ever be written in this fashion, but it’s the first time I’ve tried it. It was fun to research, and I had fun “writing” it. I hope it proves as much fun to read.

Here it is (PDF): Disambiguation



15 thoughts on “A science fiction story – with flying boats!

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  2. Geez, plots are easy.

    NCIS in space. Guy builds flying boat in basement. Someone nicks it. 🙂

    [Your spam thing ate my comment it seems]

  3. I am not a spammer, or even number 2.

  4. And where are the submarines? 🙂

  5. Flying submarines!

    Like that book. 🙂

  6. Love the story. Simply love it. What a simple, elegant turn, for a tale inspired by porcine, inelegant flying machines. Funny.

  7. You could certainly turn this one into Kindling, too.

  8. Nah, is 3.0 Attribution-Share Alike which just means yours has to be, too – doesn’t mean you can’t sell it..

    I’m quite sure there is not any ‘non-commercial’ limitation on it. In fact, I think there’s a company or two selling every bloody article on there!

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  11. Did you ever write this up into a full story? You have the making of something here.

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