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Life slowly returns to normal…

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… or something like it. It’s back to the day job after the past fortnight’s frenzied festivities. I spent Christmas in Denmark with relatives, where it was very cold and very white. Happily, Denmark is a nice country, and so much more civilised than the UK. I spent the New Year at home doing absolutely nothing. Which is the way it should be spent. I hope everyone else had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year spent in fit fashion.

But now it’s back to the day job. And, outside that, time to start thinking about writing projects for 2011 – most of which will be continuations of stuff from 2010 that I failed to finish…

It is also awards nominations time, and it is customary – apparently – to point out what a person has had published during the past year that is eligible. But I’m not going to do that. Actively touting for nominations a) makes a mockery of the award because quality becomes irrelevant, and b) is the sort of toadyish behaviour I dislike. Yes, I know: awards are just popularity contests, but quality should factor into it somewhere. My own stories from 2010? If you liked them enough to nominate them, you’ll know what they are. Myself, I shall only nominate novels and stories I’ve actually read, and that I think are worthy of nomination.

In the coming weeks I hope to finish my write-up of Gwyneth Jones’ Bold As Love Cycle, post two pieces on L Timmel Duchamp’s Marq’ssan Cycle, read and write about Doris Lessing’s Canopus in Argos Archives quintet, continue my reviews of “British SF Masterworks”, post monthly reports on my new reading project, and continue to write the sort of stuff which seems to demonstrates only that my taste in sf appears to be diverging more and more from what everyone else likes and is writing…

Let’s hope 2011 proves a good year.


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