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Do as Romanians do


I’ve been quiet the last week because I’ve not been at home. I went to Romania with some friends. We flew to Cluj, spent the weekend there, and then travelled onto Cugir, a small town in the mountains south of Cluj. Most of the nights were spent drinking Romanian beer and wine, and eating Romanian food. On one day, we walked up a mountain – about fifteen kilometres in total – and the weather chose that day to chuck it down. Otherwise, it was sunny and cool. The food was good, the people really nice, everything extremely cheap, and the language very easy to get by in. I’ll do a longer post on the week in a day or two, but thanks to everyone we met. I had a brilliant time.

3 thoughts on “Do as Romanians do

  1. Had a look at the photos on FB. Weird thing is – and it is weird – something about Romania reminds me of parts of, er, Glasgow.

  2. I’d like to hear more about the food and wine. I know this isn’t a request show or anything, but it’s not the normal tourist trap, you know?

  3. Romania is a beautiful place. Glad you had fun.

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