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Signal processing


Today’s Mind Meld feature on SF Signal is “If you could publish a short fiction anthology containing up to 25 previously-published sf/f/h stories, which stories would it include and why?”.

You can see my answer to the question here. I could have gone for a themed table of contents for my dream anthology, but I chose to simply pick twenty-five of my favourite genre short stories (and a couple of novellas). Quite what my choices say about me I wouldn’t like to speculate…

2 thoughts on “Signal processing

  1. Interesting list Ian.

    Drawing up such a list for me would be really hard. Do I just go from memory, relying on the belief that those stories that were really great I would recall without having to have my memory jogged? Or should I flick through various collections/anthologies I have to see if I’m reminded of any?

    I would certainly need quite a while to think about it…

    • About half of the list was easy – I did it straight off the top of my list. But for the rest, I had to trawl through the anthologies and collections on my bookshelves, and what I’d written in APAs about various short stories. There are probably are some I liked better than those I listed, but I couldn’t think of them at the time I did the list.

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