It Doesn't Have To Be Right…

… it just has to sound plausible

Let’s hope it pays off…


Crystalic is melodic death metal band from Tampere in Finland. I’ve liked their music since stumbling across one of their demos a few years ago. In 2007, they released an album, Watch Us Deteriorate, on a small label. I bought it. Apparently, things have not been good since then and they no longer have a record deal. So they’re giving away their new album, Persistence, on their website here. It’s very good. Download it, listen to it, and spread the word.

The band are also going to self-release the album as a limited edition CD, which you can pre-order here. I’ve put my order in already.

2 thoughts on “Let’s hope it pays off…

  1. How on earth can you have ‘melodic’ death metal?? Sounds a bit of an oxymoron!

    • It’s an established subgenre. Came out of Gothenburg, Sweden, during the early 1990s. The two biggest melodic death metal bands from Gothenburg are Dark Tranquillity and In Flames.

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