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Getting to grips with the short stuff


This year, a number of people in the sf blogosphere have vowed to read more short fiction, or are blogging their way through issues of sf magazines. I’ve decided to do something similar. But I’m not going to blog about every short story I read, I’m just going to try and keep up to date with the magazines I subscribe to/follow. And if I come across any stories I think are particularly good, then I’ll mention them on my blog.

The magazines I read include Interzone, Jupiter, Postscripts, The Hub, Strange Horizons, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Clarkesworld, Futurismic, Daybreak… plus any others I might stumble across.

I’m now up to date with my short fiction reading. Three stories from the magazines named above have especially impressed me. They are – and this wasn’t planned – of three different genres: science fiction, fantasy and steampunk. All three are also from online magazines.

The stories are:

I’ll probably post something like this again in another couple of months. Meanwhile, if anyone wants to suggest sf/fantasy magazines I should try – online or print – or has a recommendation for a short story published in the last two months that I should read…

4 thoughts on “Getting to grips with the short stuff

  1. Hurray for the e-zines. I’m with you trying to read more shorts this year, Trying to write more too, for that matter. Glad to see you think these outlets are attracting – and recognizing – quality stories.

  2. I cant help noticing that all 3 of those stories are in 1st person – could this be significant?

    • I hadn’t noticed that. I don’t think I’m especially drawn to first-person narratives – in fact, looking at my favourite ten sf stories, only half are first-person.

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