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Astonishingly good music


Okay, so it feels like it’s pandering to stereotypes – or at least to public perceptions of the genre – but Dark Tranquillity‘s new video, released in advance of the March 1st release of their latest album, We Are The Void, contains one of creepiest chorus riffs ever – sort of like the Addams family on acid – and a general amazingness that shows why Dark Tranquillity are simply the best metal band on the planet. I shall be buying the album. Special edition. You can just enjoy the video below. It’s called ‘Shadow In Our Blood’. It is amazing.

5 thoughts on “Astonishingly good music

  1. That was…interesting. Havent really gone for Dark Tranquillity in the past, but that song – and the vid – was quite compelling.

  2. Only a couple of weeks to go and then you can buy the new album…

  3. From Deep Purple to here… what went wrong?

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