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… it just has to sound plausible



I spent last weekend at Satellite 2, a small sf con in Glasgow. Actually, it wasn’t just about science fiction; it was also about spaceflight, falling as it did just after the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11. The guest of honour was Iain Banks.

It was a very quiet convention – at least it was inside the Crowne Plaza hotel. Outside was the Glasgow River Festival, so there were many thousands of Glaswegians wandering up and down either side of the Clyde by the SECC. Satellite 2 was chiefly confined to the rear entrance / bar area of the hotel (the one that looks onto the Armadillo’s rear, for those who know the SECC).

Highlights of the weekend included…

… meeting up with the usual suspects; an interesting presentation on the Apollo Guidance Computer by Frank O’Brien – he has a book out on the subject early next year, so that’s gone on the wants list (unfortunately I missed the other panel items about Apollo); six-year-old Emma Steel saying in the dealers room, “I like books but I can’t read”; the discussion about the Puffer Fish Chain Gun on the Saturday evening; discussing NewSpace with Charlie Stross; being present when Mike Cobley was asked to sign a copy of his Seeds of Earth by a fan of, he admitted, Banks, MacLeod and Stross; starting up a discussion on the Roberts vs Scalzi Hugo novel shortlist debate after forgetting that Charlie Stross was sitting at the table…. And no doubt other conversations and incidents that I’ve forgotten.

Satellite 2 was an unusual con for me on two counts. I spent more money getting there than I did at the con. And my bag was lighter coming home than it had been going to the con. Well, it was a small con, and the dealers’ room reflected that. In other words, I didn’t buy anything.

In all, a good weekend. Many thanks to the redoubtable Steels for putting me up. The con programming was an interesting mix, and I wish I’d managed to attend more items. That may usually be the case after a con, but there were more I’m sorry I missed at Satellite 2 than at an eastercon. If there’s a Satellite 3, then I’d seriously consider going.

2 thoughts on “Relaxestcon

  1. It didn't stop Emma putting dids in at the book auction…

  2. Doh! Typo!

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