It Doesn't Have To Be Right…

… it just has to sound plausible

Så får vi önska våra lyssnare, god natt och tack för i dag

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I saw one of my favourite bands perform live last night, Dark Tranquillity. It’s the fourth time I’ve seen them, and I’ve no intention of it being the last. This time it was the official tour for their latest album, Fiction (I picked it as one of my best albums of the year – see here). Um, we’ve had Fiction, and before that Character… What’s next? Plot? Exposition?

Anyway, while the set obviously focused on material from the new album, they did play songs from earlier releases. Including, for the first time for me, a track from Projector, ‘ThereIn’. They also played a song from their 1995 album, The Gallery. I don’t know of many bands who will happily play old material, and introduce it with “this is what we sounded like ten years ago”.

Anyway, here’s a video from Dark Tranquillity‘s Youtube page for you to enjoy. Or not.

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