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Best of the Year Addendum

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I’ve already done my best of the year blog post – see here – and picked my top five books, films and albums. But as I write this, I’m listening to an album I really should have listed in my honourable mentions. So I’m going to mention it now.

The album is The End Of The Line and it’s by Necropolis, a British death metal band from the 1990s. Formed from cult Newcastle thrash band Atom God and Oxfordshire death metallers Gomorrah, it’s real Old School NWOBHM-influenced death metal. The End Of The Line is their own only album and also features some guitar-work by Fast Eddie Clarke. In fact, the guitar-playing throughout is bloody impressive (although I’m not sure which is Clarke, and which is band-members Billy Leisegang or Keith More).

And just look at the lovely cover-art.

One thought on “Best of the Year Addendum

  1. Heh heh, just seen the review of it at Encyclopedia Metallicum – got 0%!

    Just discovered a bit of sludgy trad doom – Raunacht by Lord of The Grave, plodding Germanic doom with trad vocals. Does it for me.

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