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The year in my own words


In 2011, I had six stories published, and published one of my own on this blog. That makes it a slightly better year than 2010. The stories were:

– ‘Barker’ in BFS Journal: New Horizons, January 2011
– ‘Disambiguation‘ on the Alt Hist website, May 2011
– ‘The Contributors‘ on It Doesn’t Have To Be Right…, July 2011
– ‘Words Beyond the Veil’ in Jupiter 33: Euanthe, July 2011
– ‘A Light in the Darkness’ in Alt Hist #3, November 2011
– ‘Dancing the Skies’ in The Monster Books for Girls, edited by Terry Grimwood [theExaggeratedPress], December 2011
– ‘Wunderwaffe’ in Vivisepulture, edited by Andy Remic & Wayne Simmons [Anarchy Books], December 2011

For someone who characterises themselves as a science fiction writer – and appears to be seen chiefly as a writer of hard sf – that’s a varied selection. ‘Barker’ is one of my alternate takes on the Space Race, ‘Dancing the Skies’ is dark fantasy. ‘A Light in the Darkness’ and ‘Disambiguation’ are alternate history; and ‘Wunderwaffe’ is, well, it’s Nazi occult science, which is probably a genre all its own. ‘The Contributors’ is a sort of New Wavey anti-capitalist story. Only ‘Words Beyond the Veil’ is your actual hard sf – and it’s also the world’s first death metal hard sf story that quotes from the lyrics of a real death metal album.

But, of course, the big project in 2011 has been Rocket Science. I’ve taken a break from it over the past few weeks, but I shall be cracking away at it in earnest in the New Year. I think I’ve got an excellent table of contents, and anyone expecting a one-note ultra-hard sf anthology is in for a big surprise. Rocket Science will be launched at Olympus 2012, Heathrow, London, in April.

I’m also planning to launch ‘Adrift on the Sea of Rains’, the first book of the Apollo Quartet sequence of novellas, at Olympus 2012. The text is currently being edited, but an advance reader has already described the level of detail as “insane”. I took that as a compliment…

Still, I have so few laurels that resting on them would make for an uncomfortable seat, so in 2012 I plan to write and submit much more. I already have four stories due to be published during the year, but if I’m to beat 2011’s record I need more. I have several currently in progress – again, a varied selection of genres and modes – and I need to get them finished and start sending them out.

So here’s to 2012. And let’s hope it’s a good year for all.

2 thoughts on “The year in my own words

  1. # and it’s also the world’s first death
    # metal hard sf story that quotes from the
    # lyrics of a real death metal album.

    This strikes me as a big claim, I bet there’s other stories out there with death metal quotes, and that some of those are hard SF. Whether they’re ‘Death metal hard SF’ is questionable, but I think you’re sailing close to the wind on this one!


    • Al Reynolds maintains his ‘At the Budokan’ in Shine is the first death metal hard sf story, but his story doesn’t use the lyrics from a real album. And while I suspect there are genre stories out there which feature death metal, I’m betting most – if not all – of them are dark fantasy or horror. It’s the mix of death metal and hard sf that’s unique…

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