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Postscripts Far Voyager


My contributor copy of Postscripts 32/33 Far Voyager landed with a thud on my mat this weekend. I’m especially pleased about this one, because my story provided the anthology’s title. (I didn’t get named on the cover, though.) ‘Far Voyager’ is another of my alt space stories, based around the premise that one of the Voyager probes was manned. There are a few clues to the identity of the astronaut, although he’s not actually named.


Also in the anthology are many excellent writers, including Paul Park, Ian Watson, Michael Swanwick, Alison Littlewood, Richard Calder and Angela Slatter.

2 thoughts on “Postscripts Far Voyager

  1. Well done, Ian–Pete Crowther and PS Publishing deliver another gem.

    Except…your story provided the title and they didn’t put you on the cover? Seems a bit…odd. But a solid roster of contributors, this antho yet another feather in your cap (which is starting to resemble the head-dress of a plains Indian chief).

    Keep up the fine work. Really looking forward to that space opera later this year.

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