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Memory jog


The latest issue of Perihelion Online Science Fiction Magazine has appeared, and among its many fine stories is one of mine – ‘Waters of Lethe’. It’s about a bathyscaphe journey to the bottom of Europa’s world-ocean. Sort of. You can read it here.


I’ve now written stories which feature Wilfred Owen, Spitfires, the Bell, Apollo astronauts, flying boats, rocket sleds, bathyscaphes… What to do next?


11 thoughts on “Memory jog

  1. Robots versus Space Lizards

  2. But all literary.


  4. it’s even less funny when you don’t get the first post =(

  5. I was hoping for something less… Hollywood 🙂

  6. Trans-Africa steam trains, cable-laying ocean ships, mountain-top optical observatories, mysterious abandoned Antarctic missile silo complexes, vast desert-crossing armoured mobile oil rigs, new cities of the formerly-frozen north, windmills and solar power in the Gulf States.

  7. Or a mountain-top oil rig and an astronomical observatory at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

  8. Enjoyed reading “Waters of Lethe” again–a tale of true wonder and a fun read. Kudos.

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