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Dune Mania


A few years ago, a madness came upon me and I wanted everything there was to be had about, and related to, Frank Herbert’s Dune and its sequels. The novel remains a favourite, although I don’t especially admire its prose (see here). Herbert’s other sf works have not entirely withstood the test of time, although I consider him the most thoughtful writer of his generation, and the most interesting in that regard. This peculiar madness struck me after Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson had begun hacking at the Dune corpus and, to be honest, having bought and waded through the House prequel trilogy I wasn’t much interested in their additions to the universe. Nonetheless, I did buy the Legends of Dune trilogy, and the two “sequels” to Chapterhouse Dune… But enough was enough. The books were getting worse and worse, and I had to give up in disgust.

I managed to find a whole bunch of stuff related to Frank Herbert and his Dune books – not to mention the merchandising associated with the David Lynch 1985 film adaptation.

The three attempts at adapting Dune have all been, for various reasons, near-misses. Alejandro Jodorowsky’s never got beyond some concept art, and its story likely wouldn’t have been recognisable as Herbert’s novel, but it would have been a film worth seeing (some of Jodorowsky’s ideas were later used in his Incal comics series with Moebius). The “television version” of Lynch’s version gives some idea of what he was trying to do in his adaptation, but the studio butchered it and the end result was far from satisfactory. The Sci-Fi Channel (as was) mini-series was more faithful to the book, but the production design couldn’t compete with that of Lynch’s film. The sequel, Children Of Dune, was much better, however.

Anyway, below are the various bits and pieces I’ve managed to pick up for my collection of things Dune-related…

five editions of Dune – sadly, that middle one is not a true first edition, but a Book Club Edition

Frank Herbert’s Dune sequels

Brian Herbert & Kevin J Anderson’s two sequels, plus a collection of Dune-related, er, stuff

the House trilogy

the execrable Legends of Dune trilogy

three free chapbooks produced by Tor to publicise the BH & KJA Dune novels

God Emperor Of Dune, a signed and numbered limited edition (I’m a big fan of limited editions)

limited editions of God Emperor Of Dune, Chapterhouse Dune and Heretics of Dune; a first edition hardback of The Dune Encyclopedia

two books about adaptations of Dune, one on the “science” of the novel, and a collection of Herbert’s poetry

five books about Frank Herbert and his works

two study notes for Dune, and two boxes of the Dune CCG (I have two big boxes of the CCG cards on top of the bookcase)

two Wormhole Press signed editions of short fiction by BH & KJA set in the Dune universe

a book of the chapter headings from Dune (but… why?); and pop-up book from the film (but… why?)

strategy guides for the two computer games

the novelisation of the film (the book of the film of the book – a concept which never ceases to puzzle me); and the rule book for the aborted role-playing game

the Marvel comic of the film, the issue of Métal Hurlant containing concept art for Jodorowsky’s version (see below for a sample), and a collectible magazine

Moebius character designs for Jodorowsky’s film

activity books for the Dune film (but… why?)

LPs of Frank Herbert reading excerpts from his novels

the 1978 Dune calendar, with art by John Schoenherr

three special edition DVDs – UK, US and Germany (and yes, that’s a sandworm made of plaster)

the much-played Avalon Hill boardgame and its two expansion sets


15 thoughts on “Dune Mania

  1. I’m guessing you might also have a copy of Chris Foss’s 21st Century Foss, with the introduction by Jodorowsky and Foss’s artwork for the never-to-be version of Dune? Man, I loved that book. Loved it so much I wrote big stripy skyscrapers into Nova War in the hopes the cover artist would do a cover of them going kablooie Foss-style. AND THEY DID.

    • Yup, had a copy of that book since I was about 13. And I used to love all those Panther/Granada paperbacks with the Foss cover-art. My copies of Asimov’s Foundation trilogy has spaceships by Chris Foss on the covers. Best thing about them.

      I did wonder why the cover of Nova War looked slightly familiar…

  2. Wow, that is is quite the Dune collection. Sure puts my meagre scraps to shame!

    There have been at least five Dune computer games, by the way (of which Cryo’s is my favourite and the most faithful – albeit still in a very loose way).

  3. A fantastic and somewhat unusual collection. I really enjoyed Dune and i personally think that the film was massively underrated. I loved the mini-series.

    Although Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herberts sequels and prequels although low brow and badly written were very entertaining.

  4. Very nice collection you have here 😉
    I don’t have only Emperor’s guide and Spice Harvest. Also this DVD with the Worm looks interesting – could you tell me details about this edition – year, publisher etc…

    I amassed a collection of over 800 books related to Frank Herbert in 24 languages so far. I could share some knowledge and help if you need specific editions.

  5. Looking through your collection makes me want to get my dune collectors website up and running again

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  7. I take it you’re not much of a Dune fan… 😉

  8. I am in complete awe of your collection. I am currently in the throes of the same madness but have no money. Looking at your collection gives my Dune-fevered brain increased euphoria, if that is possible. The universe is a less isolated place for me knowing that others also experience this.

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  10. Lovely collection. Well-photographed too. I’ve seen the 1985 film twice. First when it came out and second about two years ago. The first viewing disappointed me , as the book was fresh in my mind; the film seemed too fragmentary to be enjoyable then. But the second time I appreciated it more, as a stand-alone. The colourful effects still impress me, as do Herbert’s references to several cultures. I was online with two others. We sent comments back and forth as we watched. I was the only one who knew the origin of “Kwisatz Haderach.” Perhaps that of “Landsraad” too.

  11. Good colection. Congrats. I have a similar one in spanish editions (my mother tongue).
    Novelization of the film: WTF?!
    Signed God Emperor Of Dune: WOW!
    The Dune Calendar: first time I see that one! looks nice!

  12. Where did you get the moebius character design book?

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    To the next! Cheers!!

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